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Rus kaftan - quilted - stock

Rus kaftan - quilted - stock

Century: X, XI, XII, XIII
Rus kaftan - quilted - stock. Medieval Market, rus kaftan quilted ruski pikowany

Rus kaftan - quilted - stock - Medieval Market, rus kaftan quilted ruski pikowany
Rus kaftan - quilted - stock - Medieval Market, Men size 1

CODE Material Standard Price
mMLS1308see descriptionMixed199 157.00 EUR
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An early-medieval gambeson, inspired by clothes from Rus and northern Europe. Made of linen, with thin filling and linen lining. Knee-long, widened with gussets on the sides from hips. It has long, narrowed at the end sleeves and gusset at the armpits, allowing free movement. It is closed with two leather straps.The kaftan is fitted in the upper body parts, it widens from the hips. Slit at the back, which allows riding a horse comfortably.
The kaftan and its various variants were a very common item of clothing in medieval Northern and East Europe. They were worn by both the rich and the less wealthy people. The status and wealth was shown by fabrics used to make kaftans and if they were worn over other garments or only over a shirts.

Available items:
id 13 - brown, linen, measurements: A - 116 cm, B - 105 cm, C - 56 cm

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The kaftan is rhombus-quilted ca. every 10 cm.
Thin, 1 layer, Y1

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