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Category: Male clothing > under garments

Late Doublet

Late Doublet

Century: XV
Late Doublet . Medieval Market, late doublet

Late Doublet  - Medieval Market, late doublet
Late Doublet  - Medieval Market, late doublet
Late Doublet  - Medieval Market, Late doublet
Late Doublet  - Medieval Market, Late doublet
Late Doublet  - Medieval Market, Late doublet

CODE Material Standard Price
SMLR0368LinenHand-made 239.00 EUR
SMLS0367LinenMixed 155.00 EUR
SMWR0056WoolHand-made 289.00 EUR
SMWS0055WoolMixed 199.00 EUR

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A 15th century doublet of a late design, reaching the hips area. I's a little shorter in comparison with the earlier version. Like the early version, this one also has a peplum finished with trimmed openings. This doublet is fastened in an overcast stitching method with 5 linen, plaited aiglets.

Our doublet is well fitted to the body, underlining the male body shape. Thanks to small holes on the peplum, you can easily attach separate hose or joined hose to this clothing.

Late doublets are sewn from wool and linen, depending on individual needs and preferences. They are available in two standards:
SMLR0368 handmade/linen
SMLS0367 mixed/linen
SMWR0056 handmade/wool
SMWS0055 mixed/wool
Each version has a linen lining.

Colors of the available fabrics you can find here.

For additional charge, we can change the method of fastening on buttons - tin or fabric. To do this, please make a proper note in "the additional information" window with the chosen type and distance between the buttons.

Here you will find an option with so-called puffed sleeves.

A late doublet on historical sources

Flipping through old books, especially those from the 15th century, you will easily find depictions of men wearing short doublets with hose or pants attached with aiglets. An example of such costume is located in Buch der Beispiele from around 1480-1490 and Buch der Beispiele der alten Weisen from 1475. Currently, both manuscripts are in the University Library of Heidelberg.

More decorative version of a late doublet can be found on a painting by Fernando Gallego in the collection of Arizona University.

It is worth mentioning the 15th century fencing treatises. Men on the pages of the books are wearing the late doublets during their training. An example is located in Alte Armatur und Ringkunst- Fechtbuch by Hans Talhoffer from 1459 r.

Doublets probably originate from a part of military garments. Doublets appeared in the middle of the 14th century. A doublet was worn under outer garments, although in some situations (like war campaign or work) it could be worn without outer garments. The cut of a doublet was well-fitted to the body. One of its basic functions was to hold the separate hose.

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