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Category: Male clothing > under garments

Hedeby trousers

Hedeby trousers

Century: V-IX, X, XI, XII, XIII
Hedeby trousers. Medieval Market, Oversized men\'s wool trousers

Hedeby trousers - Medieval Market, You can wear them with a Viking shirt or tunic
Hedeby trousers - Medieval Market, They will prove themselves during a historical event as well as in everyday life
Hedeby trousers - Medieval Market, woolen, gathered at the waist
Hedeby trousers - Medieval Market, they are half the length of the Skjoldehamn trousers
Hedeby trousers - Medieval Market, they can be freely draped and worn at will
Hedeby trousers - Medieval Market, we sew them from wool, without lining
Hedeby trousers - Medieval Market, There is a possibility of any modification of the shawarwars
Hedeby trousers - Medieval Market, they reach to the knees and can be draped

CODE Material Standard Price
SMWE1621WoolMachine-made 130.00 EUR
SMWR1623WoolHand-made 210.00 EUR
SMWS1622WoolMixed 160.00 EUR

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Spacious men's wool trousers, wrinkled at the waist and tied under the knees. They are fastened under the belly with a string placed at the waist. Thanks to the additional bindings under the knees, they can be freely draped and worn at will, either let them loose or create puffs.

Breeches are half the length of Skjoldehamn trousers. They don’t cover legs under the puffs, which is consistent with the sources. They will prove themselves during a historical event as well as in everyday life. You can wear them with a viking shirt or tunic. In addition, it is worth getting leg wraps and lace-up shoes to finish the outfit.

Our baggy pants from Hedeby are sewn from wool, without lining. You can choose the color of the material here!

There is a possibility of any modification of the trousers. For this purpose, please contact Customer Service before placing an order.

What was Hedeby?

It was a historic settlement and at the same time the largest city of the Viking era, situated on the border between Denmark and Germany. The Old Norse name was Haithabu, derived from the surrounding heaths. The settlement was first mentioned in the chronicles in 804 AD. Hedeby ceased to exist at the end of the 11th century.

Archaeological excavations at Hedeby

One of the largest archaeological excavations that yielded numerous sources from the Viking Age was the discovery of the Haithabu settlement.

The first archaeological works began in 1900. Excavations were carried out for 15 years, and subsequent research took place in the 1930s. Work was resumed in 1959, which continues to this day. They excavated embankments surrounding the settlement and part of the port where a Viking shipwreck was discovered. Among the finds, numerous scraps of materials (used to seal boats) were found, the role of which archaeologists managed to determine during detailed research. The Remains allowed to determine the shape of the costumes that former inhabitants of the settlement might wear.

Among them were folded fragments of woolen fabrics, suggesting the baggy shape of the old garment. According to the researchers, the complex arrangement of the seams make them interpreted as the crotch of trousers. The folds running through the material suggest the shape of baggy pants. This would agree with the 10th-century Afghan-Persian source description of "Rus" Vikings. The thesis about the shape of these "breeches" is confirmed by stone images from Lrbro, Gotland in Sweden (7th century), from Halla, Broa in Sweden (700 - 800 AD) or Serbian figurines from Uppåkra (800-1050 AD).

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