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Category: Male clothing > arming garments

Breton gambeson with short sleeve

Breton gambeson with short sleeve

Century: XV
Breton gambeson with short sleeve. Medieval Market, Archer in gambeson

Breton gambeson with short sleeve - Medieval Market, Short sleeves are good for archer
Breton gambeson with short sleeve - Medieval Market, Perfect aketon for archer
Breton gambeson with short sleeve - Medieval Market, Back of breton gambeson
Breton gambeson with short sleeve - Medieval Market, Gambesons collar
Breton gambeson with short sleeve - Medieval Market, Short sleeve

CODE Material Standard Price
PMLR0364LinenHand-made 350.00 EUR
PMLS0363LinenMixed 156.00 EUR

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This Breton clothing is a type of medieval gambeson perfect for 15th century reenactors. This short-sleeved gambeson is based on the late-medieval chronicles from Brittany.

Breton clothing of this type is dedicated for late-medieval reenactors. An outer layer of this short-sleeved gambeson is made of high quality linen.

Our aketon has crinkled short sleeves, finished with a trim. It is tied up with four leather laces, and it has a collar. Breton short-sleeved gambeson consists of one layer of cotton-polyester nonwoven (Y1) with an enhancement on the chest (Y2). It has vertical stitchings on both torso and sleeves.

This Breton clothing will perfectly work as an archer’s gambeson. Short sleeves of this aketon make using a bow easier.

NOTE - there is an option of modifying the thickness of amortization layers in this model of Breton clothing. To customize this product, please contact our Sales Department before you place an order. More information on the thickness of the short-sleeved gambeson you can find here!

When you place the order, please choose one of the colors available. The table of colors can be found here.

Our gambeson is available in standard sizes from XS to XXL or in custom size, fitted to individual needs with an additional 20% charge. To choose the proper size, please follow the chart below:

Size Chest girth Waist girth Hips girth Height
XS 84-92 cm 72-80 cm 88-96 cm 164-170 cm
S 92-100 cm 80-88 cm 96-104 cm 170-176 cm
M 100-108 cm 88-96 cm 104-112 cm 176-182 cm
L 108-116 cm 96-104 cm 112-120 cm 182-188 cm
XL 116-124 cm 104-112 cm 120-128 cm 188-194 cm
XXL 124-132 cm 112-120 cm 128-136 cm 194-200 cm
Custom Individual measurements. Price + 20%.

Please write down the chosen size in additional information box when you place the order.

Short-sleeved gambeson straight from Brittany

Breton clothing of this type can be found in Compillation des cronicques et ystoires des Bretons (Compilation of the Chronicles and Histories of the Bretons). One of the illustrations presents archers wearing short-sleeved gambesons. Chronicle is stored in the National Library of France.

Basic features of our short-sleeved Breton clothing

- tied up with 4 leather laces
- fitted with a collar protecting a neck
- available in standard sizes (XS-XXL) and in custom sizing
- fully modifiable (including layers)
- Breton clothing based on historical sources
- short-sleeved gambeson
- thick, vertical quilting on the torso and the sleeves

Breton historical sources for a short-sleeved gambeson

Author of Compillation des cronicques et ystoires des Bretons was the 14th century French historian and priest Pierre Le Baud. He was an advisor, a chaplain and a confessor of the last independent princess of Brittany, Anne of Brittany. Pierre Le Baud is the one who arranged her marriage with the king of France, Charles VIII, which permanently included Brittany to the French Crown.
Pierre Le Baud in the first publication of Compillation des cronicques et ystoires tells the story of Brittany starting from the mythic Brutus from Troy, the great-grandson of Aeneas and the ancestor of King Arthur and the first British King, through the migration of Bretonnians from Britain on the lands of modern Brittany, and ending on the death of Arthur III, Duke of Brittany, in 1458.
A few years after finishing his work on the first edition, Pierre Le Baud on special request of Anne of Brittany wrote the second edition. In the chapter known as Cronique des roys et princes de Bretaigne armoricane (Chronicle of the Kings and Princes of Armorican Britain), he stuck closer to history, limiting the number of legends and myths. Le Baud was about to become a bishop of Rennes. Unfortunately, he had died in 1505, before the documents confirming his candidacy arrived in Rome.

The upgrading of SPES gambesons design

Currently, we are working on implementing to our assortment the upgraded versions of our well-known short-sleeved gambesons. Changes include:
- improving the functionality and mobility of our aketons
- thickness of layers (check the chart with levels of amortization)
- directions and shape of stitchings
- minor changes in the cut (for better fitting)
- and most of all, matching the gambesons to our six-levels size set: XS-XXL (NOTE: you can still order a custom-sized gambeson)

Therefore, you can be sure that upgraded SPES gambesons are even better suited to your needs. And if you have any questions about the changes mentioned in any model, contact us and we will dispel any doubts!

To make each gambeson stand out even more, we decided to give them unique names. From now on, the Gambeson type 9 is called Breton gambeson with short sleeves.

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