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Category: Accessories > Do-It-yourself

Linen/hemp fabric

Linen/hemp fabric

Century: X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV
Linen/hemp fabric. Medieval Market, Linen/hemp fabric

Linen/hemp fabric - Medieval Market, Linen/hemp fabric

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Thick and durable linen/hemp fabric blend with canvas weave will be perfect as the top layer of a gambeson or any kind of quilted equipment. Moreover, our linen/hemp textile can be used to make other utility items such as: sacks, bags or bedticks.

Weight of the material: ~360 g/m2.
Width of a bale (linear metre) is approx. 90 cm.
Available in olive colour.

The price concerns 1 linear metre of a linen/hemp fabric blend.

What are the properties of a linen/hemp fabric blend?

Both linen and hemp fabric are characterized by their great breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Hemp textile used in this blend gives the fabric an interesting texture, similar to canvas.

What is more, hemp fabric combines softness with exceptional durability. This is why this textile blend can be used in various homeware and bedding items as well as in organic clothing, lasting for many years.

Basic features of a linen/hemp fabric and its organic origin make this textile a good choice for many types of reenactment costumes, including garments for fighting, but also for unconventional modern clothing.

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