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Special offers

You probably already know that this day,
is a VERY special date for our brand.

It is our 13th birthday!

As the season has just started, you will have plenty of time to make a decision and choose SPES products

with 13% discount*
for the next 13 days!

From now till 13.06.2020 ALL our asortment is available in lowered prices!

ALSO, you can expect free shipping if you make an order for at least 500 EUR**!

*the special offer discount does not combine with customer's discount nor discounts for size order
**for one package up to 30 kg on the territory of EU (excluding Malta and Cyprus), with a side length up to 1 m (if the weight or the length is exceded, you will get 20 EUR discount for the shipping; also if you live outside EU you will pay 20 EUR less for shipping).

The struggle between our goods lasted till the last moment... but here they are! Below you will find a selection of SPES products which were the BESTSELLERS in 2019!

We hope you will enjoy this selection as much as we do!

Lady's cottehardie
Men's cotte type 3
Cotte simple type 1
Bohurt gambeson mark I
High lace-up shoes
Table type 2
Norman tent
Printed linen - Hungarian pattern

FREE shipment of tents within European Union!!!

We cover all delivery costs of all tents that we have in our offer. This covers all European Union destinations.

Free delivery of tents within EU

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