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Special offers

Christmas has come back to SPES Medieval Market!

Ho, ho, ho!
The temperature outside the window decreases and so do the prices of SPES Medieval Market products!

Why? Because SPESman has come back to our workshop along with the winter freezes. Beside his good mood, he brought some tasteful gifts.

We can gladly announce that we have in our shop officially started...

Prepare for the Christmas presents with the SPESman! Here are the rules:
? -15% discount for all of the products in our offer
? 50 EUR voucher for your next purchase*
? free delivery (for orders of 300 EUR or more)**
? sweet treat from SPESman to each order!

Remember, that if you place your order for a custom product and we will receive the payment till 15th November 2019, we guarantee that your package will be sent to you on 16th December 2019 the latest. Attention! Each mistake or delay in providing us with your measurements may lengthen the shipping time of your order.

This special offer lasts from 6th November till 24th December 2019, 11:59 CEST or till called off!

*valid for 3 months (to realize with orders for at least 400 euros)
**for 1 package up to 30 kg, on the territory of EU (excluding Malta and Cyprus); if you live outside EU you will pay 20 EUR less for shipping


FREE shipment of tents within European Union!!!

We cover all delivery costs of all tents that we have in our offer. This covers all European Union destinations.

Free delivery of tents within EU

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